Trinity Haye-Carlson

Quantum Healer

Intuitive Life Coach & Energy Healer
Specializing in Subconscious Reprogramming and Self Reflections.

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 Intuitive Life & Relationship Coach and Energy Healer

With over 10 years experience in individual and group coaching Trinity creates tailor made success plans. Utilizing chakras, intuition and quantum healing methods to gently dive deep within inner reflections increasing self awareness to fully embody your truest power. Promoting transformational healing calmness and clarity. She teaches daily rituals tools technics and future step direction building a stable and loving foundation within ones self to further grow and blossom.


6 mo. journey with a group of people to focused on self love and growth

Discover, alongside a group of peers, what resonates with your lifestyle and self by embodying new practices that serve you and shedding what no longer resonates. Learn to go within while harnessing the energy of the chakras. Explore and dive deep into self, why it is vital to prioritize self love and how. Step more fully into personal accountability and motivation by fully embodying how powerful you are. This is the missing piece of the puzzle in living a fulfilled life. Being witnessed by and supporting others along the journey of self discovery.  

12 week energy course (The marriage of science and spirit)

Connecting the dots through the power of energy, frequency and healing. Stepping fully into your purpose with passion and clarity. Harnessing tools to drastically enhance your ability to work with and manifest through the law of attraction. Allowing you to take full control of your reality by mastering the self.  

24 Week- Total Transformation Program

Trinity’s all encompassing Total Transformation Program. Helping you to navigate the layers of who you are. Diving deep into each of the 7 main chakras to discover your truest essence in order to step you into your highest power. This program promotes the deepest level of self exploration and reflection taking you into total transformation


Book A Session With Trinity

Trinity holds a safe space to fully explore yourself. Offering compassion acceptance and support along with guidance and healing of all sorts. Specializing in subconscious reprogramming and self reflections she is passionate about bringing you to your highest self, to embody your truest essence. Bringing light into the deepest layers within. Using Quantum healing methods and Intuition to customize your best session outcomes. Always feeling moved healed and accomplished. 

“It is never an easy journey into self but it is always worth it!” – Trinity

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Through self reflections, quantum healing and self love one gains the power to create the desired life one possesses.  From living unconsciously to creating a sacred meaningful life consciously. 

Intuitive Insight and Guidance

Working in the quantum realm it is easily discovered what may be surfacing and causing unbalance. Discovering what needs healed and supported. Be it with the mind body and or the soul. Channeling information that best suits each person or the collective uniquely to fulfill the best growth possible .

Subconscious Reprogramming

Learning and understanding how the bodies intelligence, the subconscious, governs approximately 95% of your reality. The conscious mind then controls approx. only 5% of reality. Utilizing kinesiology to test your belief system or subconscious we discover what is holding you back or blocking your success. With my specialized quantum healing method I reprogram what does not match your conscious beliefs to match with what you want to create your goals dreams and desires.

Chakra System Alignment

Being a firm believer that balancing and working with the Chakras are key. Only leading to transforming heights; as it naturally guides you into reflecting within. Boosting your overall life experience and enables you to embody your truth leading you to fully express your authentic self unapologetically.

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Trinity offers private 90 minute Subconscious Reprogramming sessions fully customized to you as well as different length group coaching transformation programs. 

Subconscious Reprogramming

$ 440
  • Guided 90 Minute Subconscious Reprogramming Session
  • Work Privately With Trinity Quantum Healer
  • Clear Subconscious Blocks That Will Keep You Stuck
  • Extended Money Blocks Online Session Bonus ($440)
  • Muscle Testing 101 Bonus
  • Over $880 Total Package Value
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 100% Safe, Easy and Effective


$ 111
  • Finding your Morning Practice and your WHY
  • Understanding & Learning Grounding
  • Decluttering the Mind, Home & Life
  • Creating a healthy lifestyle; Mind Body & Soul
  • Self Care Practices
  • Intentional Living; Thinking, Doing and Being
  • Tapping into your creative power of expression
  • Weekly video classes and meeting via zoom



24 Week- Total Transformation Program

$ 6000
  • Weekly classes
  • Weekly Private Sessions
  • Full embodiment of weeks lesson through play work experience
  • Trinity shares her own transformational experiences on each topic, weekly
  • Spend approximately 3 weeks per chakra
  • Music playlist, archetypes, book references etc. to enhance your personal embodiment of each chakra