Matthew Garnet

intuitive & CHANNEL

Empathic Intuitive Energy Worker Specializing in Angelic and Ascended Master Attunement and Crystal Activation

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Being empathic and intuitive, Matthew connects deeply with those around him and is committed to sharing healing and light.

He offers Sound Healing, Oracle & Tarot Card readings and crystal work including grids and activations. 

As an Angelic and Ascended Master Facilitator, he tailors each session to the greatest good and the divine plan.

Archangels & Ascended Masters

~ChannelledAngelic & Ascended Master Messages ~Guidance from the Shamanic Earth Spirits ~Channelled Crystal Messages ~Detailed Insight

Shamanic Earth Spirits

~Connect to your angelic guides and ascended masters more intimately and directly ~Process involves the use of angelic and ascended master divine symbology, invocation and connection ~Also receive a personalized channelled message and guidance to help you in your journey. ~Consecration of attunement crystal : clear quartz, amethyst, citrine or lemurian quartz.


~Consecration of crystal ~Maximize the energy field of your crystal ~Program or set intention for your crystal ~Tap crystal power


Meet Matthew

Matthew is know for his ability to channel the Angelic as well as Ascended Masters in a much deeper way than expected by his clients. He utilizes traditional Tarot and Oracle Cards but also taps into the divine to amplify and expand the meaning of the messages received. His clients are in awe of the clarity of his messages and leave with a feeling of profound inspiration. 

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The most powerful way to make change in your life is to harness the trifecta of Mind, Body and Spirit. The Trinity Room was built upon these three pillars. Choose below, the option that resonates most deeply with you now. 

The Trinity Room team is committed to seeing you through until your ultimate life goals are met with success. 

We look forward to working with you!    

single card
personalized message

$ 25
  • Photo of Card
  • Typed Personalized Message
  • Basic Reading as well as Intuitive Message
  • Crystal Recommendation

Focused intuitive message
30 minute session

$ 65
  • 3 Card Spread
  • Channelled Angelic & Ascended Master Messages
  • Guidance from Shamanic Earth Spirits
  • Specific Dynamic Guidance
  • Life Changing Message

In depth intuitive message
90 minute session

$ 120
  • 10 Card Celtic Cross Spread
  • Connect to your Angelic Guides and Ascended Masters more intimately and directly
  • Also receive a personalized channelled message and guidance to help you in your journey.
  • Guidance from Shamanic Earth Spirits
  • Detailed Insight

personal power program

$ 444
  • 4 Celtic Cross Spreads
  • Daily Cards with Channelled Messages
  • Personalized Channelled Affirmations
  • Prayers & Invocations to include in daily practice