Shamama Sheri

Quantum Healer

Emotion Code & Light Language Healer

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Sheri Specializes in releasing trapped emotions using a combination of emotion code techniques & healing light language. Emotions trapped in the subconscious are revealed through muscle testing. This discovery allows energy techniques and light language to provide healing from possible physical and mental challenges.


8 week- Chakra Course (The Foundation for Chakra Healing)

Learn to go within while harnessing the energy of the chakras. Explore and dive deep into what chakras are, what they govern inside the body and how they have an impact on your personality. Step more fully into personal accountability and motivation by fully embodying how powerful you are. This is the missing piece of the puzzle into harnessing your own personal power. 

12 week energy course (The marriage of science and spirit)

Connecting the dots through the power of energy, frequency and healing. Stepping fully into your purpose with passion and clarity. Harnessing the following tools to drastically enhance your ability to work with and manifest through the law of attraction. Allowing you to take full control of your reality by mastering the following: 

24 Week- Total Transformation Program

Trinity’s all encompassing Total Transformation Program. Helping you to navigate the layers of who you are. Diving deep into each of the 7 main chakras to discover your truest essence in order to step you into your highest power. This program promotes the deepest level of self exploration and reflection taking you into total transformation


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Product analytics answers your questions

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Intuitive insight and guidance

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Crystal Activation

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Drive customer retention

*Celtic Cross Spread [ 10 cards] *Channelled Angelic & Ascended Master Messages * Guidance from the Shamanic Earth Spirits *Channelled Crystal Messages *Detailed Insight *60mins

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Subconscious Reprogramming

$ 440
  • Guided 90 Minute Subconscious Reprogramming Session
  • Work Privately With Trinity Quantum Healer
  • Clear Subconscious Blocks That Will Keep You Stuck
  • Extended Money Blocks Online Session Bonus ($440)
  • Muscle Testing 101 Bonus
  • Over $880 Total Package Value
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 100% Safe, Easy and Effective


$ 1500
  • Morning Rituals
  • Masculine & Feminine Energies
  • Shadow Work
  • Intentional Actions
  • Vibrational Frequencies / Law of Attraction
  • Utilizing Moon Cycles for goal setting & self understanding
  • Energy Healing (including reiki & tapping)
  • Altering energy around you and in your environment (boundaries & shifting environmental energy for positive benefit)

24 Week- Total Transformation Program

$ 6000
  • Weekly classes
  • Weekly Private Sessions
  • Full embodiment of weeks lesson through play work experience
  • Trinity shares her own transformational experiences on each topic, weekly
  • Spend approximately 3 weeks per chakra
  • Music playlist, archetypes, book references etc. to enhance your personal embodiment of each chakra