Amber Frelin


Quantum Energy Healer & Life Coach
Specializing in Subconscious Reprogramming

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With 12 years experience in western medicine and 21 years in Fitness & Nutrition, Amber shifted her focus in 2012 to the Metaphysical Healing Arts. By which, she facilitated self-healing and personal transformation from chemical dependency to physical freedom. She did this by channeling the specific modalities and tools, techniques she now teaches her clients.

As founder of The Trinity Room, Quantum Body Weight Management Program and The Quantum Entrepreneur Program, Amber works daily helping everyday people achieve the Body, Mind Spirit and Abundance they desire.

Amber’s mission is that people around the world embody the fact that- “You are here to live an abundant life being YOU, unapologetically & fully authentically YOU!” 

MIND- Subconscious Reprogramming

~Find the exact limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living a life of true freedom and abundance in all areas ~Allow Theta Healing and Subconscious Reprogramming Technologies to clear these things out for good ~Receive downloads of the belief systems you DO need to bring in the success you desire in all areas ~Maximize Health, Wealth, Relationships and overall Happiness & Fulfillment

BODY- Quantum Body Transformation Program

~ End the cycle of failed diet and exercise plans ~Find your ultimate Quantum Body utilizing the best kept secrets in energy work to help you step into the body you love ~No more diets or cookie cutter plans of any kind ~Quantum Body by Amber Frelin allows you to eat and live the way that you love to lose weight and/or build muscle without ever depriving yourself

SPIRIT- In depth Angelic Channeling

~Channelled Angelic & Ascended Master Messages ~Recieve messages of guidance from your higher self and the divine ~Channelled Card readings ~Detailed Insight


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To experience the magic of Amber’s work please join Trinity Room Premium for weekly Subconscious Reprogramming and Inspiration 

Intuitive insight and guidance

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Crystal Activation

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Drive customer retention

*Celtic Cross Spread [ 10 cards] *Channelled Angelic & Ascended Master Messages * Guidance from the Shamanic Earth Spirits *Channelled Crystal Messages *Detailed Insight *60mins

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Unlock Your Unlimited Potential

The most powerful ay to make rapid change in your life is to harness the Trifecta of Mind, Body & Spirit. The Trinity Room was built upon these 3 pillars. Choose below, the option that resonates most deeply with you now. 

The Trinity Room team is committed to seeing you through until your ultimate life goals are met with success. 

We look forward to working with you! 

Single Session - Subconscious

$ 444
  • Guided 90 minute Subconscious Reprogramming Session
  • Work Privately with Quantum Energy Healer Amber Frelin
  • Clear Subconscious Blocks that will keep you stuck
  • BONUS - Muscle Testing 101
  • BONUS - Extended Money Blocks Online
  • Over $880 Total Package Value

3 month Quantum Body Mentorship

$ 3,000
  • 12 weeks Private Weekly Coaching Session to 10X your Physical Results in half the time
  • Weekly Personalized Subconscious Reprogramming
  • Weekly Goal Setting and Accountability
  • Weekly Private Epigenetic Meditation
  • BONUS - Year Long access to Trinity Room Premium Group Coaching Program ($1997 value)
  • BONUS - Quantum Body Online Programs ($1585 value)
  • DISCOUNT - save $3882 today

year long Quantum Healer Certification Program

$ 12,000
  • Quantum Energy Healer CERTIFICATION (Learn the Trade Secrets to become a Top Level Quantum Energy Healer)
  • Weekly Private 60 minute Coaching (Quantum Healing & Laser Coaching)
  • Weekly Personalized Subconscious Reprogramming (Success, Abundance, Freedom, Leadership)
  • Weekly Goal Setting & Accountability
  • BONUS - Quantum Body Online Programs ($1585 value) 
  • BONUS - Facebook Messenger bot setup
  • TOTAL Program Value ($20,000)
  • BONUS value ($3582)
  • DISCOUNT - save $5582 today

year long all inclusive mentorship for complete life transformation

$ By application only
  • Full Year Weekly Private Coaching (Quantum Healing & Laser Coaching)
  • Weekly Subconscious Reprogramming (Success, Abundance, Freedom, Leadership)
  • Lifetime Access to all Quantum Body Programs
  • Lifetime Access to all Trinity Programs
  • Year Long Quantum Body Private Coaching
  • Year Long Quantum Energy Healer Certification
  • Learn every healing modality that we use
  • Learn every business tool that we use
  • Unlimited access to Amber Frelin for guidance and support for one full year